6-1-13 Our new 1125cc Big Bore Stroker breaks all records with outstanding power and efficiency. With our complete package, including our CNC ported head and our Stage VI Fuel Injection, we logged 650HP at 30lbs of boost. Need more power, turn the boost up some more, if you dare,  our Stage VI Fuel System Mapping is available as high as 38lbs+

1-28-12 Record power achieved from GNS Yamaha Fuel Injected Apex Stroker Turbo, 614HP!

11-01-11 Our Tec S system dyno mapping is complete. This system is good for power levels to 400HP

5-8-10 - High Power Ignition only for RX-1 owners ready for release.

2-16-10 - Ethanol E-85 testing to begin this summer!!

9-13-09 - GNS Turbo (Ryan Santry) wins Top Fuel class at Haydays!!!!!!!

2-15-09 - ECM Fuel Management field testing completed. Systems available for Apex, fuel and ignition mapped to 36lbs. boost and 550+ HP.




























Forty years and counting, that’s how long we’ve been actively pursuing the State of the Art of engine performance, it all started back in the late 1960’s, in the local auto parts store’s machine shop doing a valve job on a 1962 Chevy 235 Cubic Inch six cylinder head. In 1973, my father and I opened our own auto parts store in Orland Park, Illinois; a suburb on the southwest side of Chicago. It was very successful and soon expanded with a complete machine shop, including a Superflow Dyno for all Research and Development needs. After 25 years of wholesale auto parts and engine rebuilding, when the business made a turn to what I call “Fast Food” auto parts, I decided to leave the parts business and concentrate on engine building, which continues to date. Over the years we’ve built engines for almost every phase of motor sports, always with the finest machinists and personnel. But first and most importantly, our goal is to build a customer base that will trust us to provide them with consistent workmanship and quality products for all of their motor sport needs.

Below are a few pictures of the machine shop located in Homer Glen, Illinois. We can be reached, at (708)301-7595 or greg@powerbygns.com. We strive to maintain the best level of customer service to guarantee our customers are successful.

Current Shop Projects:

- Apex Turbo Lake Race (King of Trail) Stock Chassis, GNS Fuel Injection, Turbo and Motor

- Apex Turbo Radar Run Sled, Proline Chassis, GNS Fuel Injection

- Apex Turbo 660 Drag Racer (Former Haydays winner in RX-1 body), Proline Chassis, GNS Fuel Injection, Turbo, and Motor

President/Owner Greg Santry