All of our quality products are used in our own projects. As we continue to update our product list feel free to call anytime since there may be products not yet listed.

Total Engine Control TEC-GT (Yamaha Apex and RX-1)

Here is the product that Apex and RX1 owners have been waiting for. Apex’s are limited on HP because the stock ECU/Fuel Injectors can’t deliver enough fuel for maximum power. Even with add on boxes like Dobeck and others, the stock fuel injectors are too small. Simply installing larger fuel injectors will make the idle and cruise too rich and large injectors are not as effective at atomizing the fuel spray as compared to small ones, especially with the short runners in the Apex/RX1 head. We use the stock Apex injectors as the primary injectors and stage a second set of injectors that turn on with boost to supply all the necessary fuel. With that approach there is no longer a fuel delivery deficiency and with 2 sets of small injectors fuel atomization is much better.  There‘s also a ignition breakdown at high cylinder pressures, 20 lbs +. The power requirement of spark plugs to fire increases as boost pressure rises. The stock system doesn't supply enough spark. The Electomotive ignition system uses high power DFU’s, Direct Fire Units, that not only deliver an increase in voltage, but high amperage ( 9 amp. ) as well. No COP ( coil on plug ) can even get close to that kind of power. Thats the problem with the stock ignition. COP's can't deliver the power, their just physically too small. We have been developing the fuel and timing maps since summer of 2008. After months of dyno tuning and a season of field testing we are ready to deliver. I believe you will also find our kits more affordable than other products on the market. 




Picture above shows our complete kit which includes, Tec GT ECU with custom fuel and timing maps installed, 9 amp DFU coil pack, Custom wire harness including fuse block and relays, Spark Plug Wires, Secondary Fuel Injectors, Secondary Fuel injector manifold and fuel rail,Trigger ring, 3 bar Map sensor, Manifold Air temp Sensor, Bosch fuel pump, Weathertite Connectors. Kit price includes labor and machining necessary to install secondary fuel injector manifold and fuel rail to your throttle bodies and mounting trigger ring to your flywheel.

We have added a new system called our TEC-S. It has a single injector per cylinder with the same High Power Ignition of the TEC-GT. It is more compact similar in size to the XDI-2. It will support up to 400HP.

Rx1 owners will require Apex Cylinder Head or throttle body adapters, Camshafts, Mag side engine cover and Throttle Bodies in addition to above at additional cost.

Installation is also avialible.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email,

Our new Stage IV TEC-S System Apex $3995.00 USD

TEC-S RX1 Conversion $4595.00 USD

Complete Stage V and VI System Apex Ready to Install- $6495.00 USD

RX 1 Conversion Kits $7595.00 USD

Apex Throttle Bodies (used) $495.00 (new) $995.00



RX 1 owners here we have it. For those of you who would rather keep your carburetors but require more ignition power for turbo applications, we’ve added another product to our Fuel Injection and Ignition line. Electromotive’s  XDI 2 is a fully computer programmable high power ignition system. It is a load and RPM based system that uses the same ignition technology as our TecGT ECU used in our Fuel injection systems and will far exceed expectations for less money than a MSD with superior spark control.  The XDI system is easier to program and offers 2 GPO/I, outputs/inputs, to control other functions you may need, for example, nitrous retard or cooling fan just to name a couple. The ignition power comes from the same 9 amp DFU’s, Direct Fire Units, used in the TEC GT and we also can use the same timing maps that have proven success with our fuel injection systems. We will set it all up for you and requires no external timing of the components like MSD’s. It’s a bolt on and go system and comes complete with the wiring harness. We will custom program the system to fit your exact needs, all you have do is bolt it on. It does require an Apex Mag housing cover, not included in kit, but uses your rotor, charging coil and ignition pick-up. Nothing is mounted external, everything is enclosed just like your Yamaha ignition. It can’t get any easier than that. Programming software is also included. Rotor in the picture is not included, it's there to show the modification made to it. The trigger ring seen mounted to it is included in the kit. We recommend you allow us to mount it to the rotor as correct ignition timing depends on it's precise location.

Installation of Trigger Ring add $150.00

Relay and Fuse Block Harness $125.00 (optional)

2 Stroke Systems also available.

System cost $1895.00 USD

Complete System $1995.00 USD (Including Fuse Block and Relay Harness)


Apex or RX1 Turbo Engines

Pictured below is a Turbo Apex Engine. We can custom build engines to meet your needs and particular application. All of our Stage V turbo engines feature Carrillo Connecting Rods, JE Custom Pistons, ARP Custom Head Studs, Custom Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers, and a Custom Head Gasket. We use only the highest quality components that have proven themselves in our own Race Engines. We will not experiment with your money, if we don't use it, you don't want it. Apex engines will also require a new Fuel Injection System as the stock fuel injectors will only allow about 300 HP before running out of fuel. We can supply a system to match your power requirement for an additional charge. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs and a number of options that can be added to compliment your engine project. Base prices listed below are exchange plus shipping charges or supply your own buildable engine, no blown up engines please.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Stage IV Engine - UP TO 400HP $5495.00 USD Exchange

Complete Stage V Engine - UP TO 500HP $6295.00 USD Exchange

Complete Stage VI Engine - 600+HP (Call for Quote)

Core Charge $2500.00



Look closely and you will see this is a Sleeved block. These Ductile iron sleeves will keep the cylinders round at extreme power levels.  Sleeves were custom made to our specs and feature a reinforced top flange that will maintain round bores at extreme cylinder pressures. The bore is increased with a custom piston made for us by JE Piston Co. We also use a HD ring package with slightly thicker compression and oil rings that will provide added durability at the increased boost levels.

The crankshaft provides an increase in stroke that adds big torque to the package.  It has been ground to exact specifications, Magnafluxed and polished with increased radii for added strength.

The rods are highest quality custom made and feature ARP Custom Age 625 rod bolts. These rods are light weight semi-parabolic  I-Beam construction  which are engineered to handle power levels exceeding 700+ HP

ARP studs are included to provide the clamp force needed to hold the head down. They have extended thread length in the block so the proper torque can be applied.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Kit - $5995.00 USD Exchange(Block and Crank)

Block Only - $2495.00 USD Exchange(Block)


Ported Head

We are now offering a CNC ported head to compliment our engine builds, It is truly a “Work of Art”.  It features oversize Ferrea stainless valves and beryllium intake seats.  Countless hours of research has developed a product that not only flows more CFM, but actually makes more power. Some engine builders seem to think that flow testing the head by itself is proof positive of an increase in power. That is not necessarily true. When flow testing, you must install the entire induction and exhaust systems on the head if you’re going to get a true picture of what the running engine is seeing  and the real increase in the airflow of the head. All our in house flow bench work is done this way and then on to the dyno for verification. You have all heard the catchy phrase, “TRUST BUT VERIFY”
Our total Package produces over a 150 additional horse power.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

CNC Head with Valves - $4995.00 USD Exchange

CNC Head with Valves, Sprngs, and Retainers- $5995.00 USD Exchange





Apex/RX1 Reduction Gear Set

Pictured below is our engine PTO speed reduction gear set available for both RX1 and Apex. One of the benefits of installing a turbo is its ability to extend the power making RPM.  It not only increases torque, it allows the engine to hold that torque at higher RPM’s thereby increasing HP further yet. The downside of increasing RPM is the clutch speed also increases. This increase is not favorable as far as clutch and belt efficiency is concerned. Stock RX1 engine RPM is 10200. At that engine speed the clutch speed is 8571 RPM. Now let’s increase engine RPM to 11400. The clutch speed increases to 9579. Many racers are revving the engine over 12000 RPM. This takes clutch speeds to over 10000 RPM. Belt efficiency is terrible at these elevated RPM’s.   By installing one of our gear reduction sets, a RX1 engine at 12000 RPM will spin the clutch 8500. Along with the speed reduction, torque at the clutch gets multiplied as well. This allows the addition of massive amounts of weight which will give the clutch far more gripping power to hold the belt.  The same holds true for Apex’s, only at a higher RPM yet.  Stock Apex engines rev 10500. Apex’s have slightly more reduction than RX1’s so at that speed the clutch turns 8536. At an engine speed of 12000 the clutch will spin 9750. With our Apex drag ratio, clutch speed will be reduced to 8330.  
Gear sets are available for RX1 and Apex in 2 different ratio’s, Radar run and Drag race.  Gear sets are made of billet steel, heat treated and finish ground to the highest standards.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Gear Set APEX - $1795.00 USD

Complete Gear Set RX1 - $1595.00 USD


Racing Valve Spring Set

Performance with a turbo engine requires valve train control different from what you will see in a normally aspirated engine. The intake valve spring is most important.  It has an added component of boost to deal with. The boost pressure pushes on the back side of the valve trying to hold it from returning to the seat during a typical intake cycle. The more boost, the more critical valve control becomes. If you increase boost 30 lbs on an Apex or RX1 engine, you need to add 30lbs of seat pressure to keep things in balance with no change to RPM. If you increase RPM that requires additional spring pressure. The exhaust valve is not affected directly by boost pressure, therefore is not as much of a problem if RPM remains the same, however, these engines with turbo’s like RPM. Dyno testing Apex’s and RX1’s, we have seen consistent increases in power as RPM increases. We have developed this set of Intake and Exhaust springs to take care of these issues. The key here is increase pressure to maintain valve train control but don’t increase pressure’s higher than needed to preserve valve and seat longevity.  These springs and retainers have been tested to control the valve train with 30+ lbs of boost as high as 13000 RPM with no damage to valve and seats.  This set is primarily for racing engines, trail engines will vary, contact me for those applications.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Set- $995.00 USD


Apex/RX1 Stroker Crank/Rods

We use your crank and modifications include Magnafluxing, checking crank dimensionally, straighten if neccessary, welding and stroke grinding, and finish micro-polishing. All rod journal Radii are increased in size to better control flexing. We are offering 4 and 6mm stroke increases, 4mm being preffered. We have tested these cranks to extreems at power levels approaching 600HP without a single failure.

The nice thing about ordering custom rods is you get to choose from a variety of options you don't get when buying off the shelf products and I love options, want them all and we got them. I chose a Semi-Parabolic I Beam Design that will reduce the chance of stress risers in the beam which can lead to cracks and ultimate failure. The broken Yamaha rods I've seen did just that, broke in the beam just above the big end housing bore. The rods start with Mil Spec Aircraft Quality Double Re-Melt E4340AQ Chromoly Steel similar to 300M Specifications. It's a Full Machined Billet, not Forged, Triple Tempered, Surface Peened and through hardened, Cryogenically Treated, Magnaflux inspected and Rockwell Tested. We have selected lifetime "Custom Age 625" ARP bolts. These are very expensive but this is most likely where a problem would appear in high RPM applications. These bolts will eliminate the chance of failure. The rod also uses a AMPCO 45 Pin end Bushing, which is a very dense long wearing bronze bushing. We have designed the rod for 600+HP at Boost levels of 40+lbs and 13500 RPM. All the load calculations were made, this rod can handle it. The best part of all is it's American Material, American Labor and American Pride and I can drive to the the facility in 45 minutes. You really must see these, they are beautiful I'm taking orders for stroker cranks and custom rods, now is the time for the coming season.

There is a 3 week lead time so let's get started, Power is waiting.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Welded Crank - Complete with Rods - $3295.00 USD

Billet Crank - Complete with Rods - $4995.00 USD



Apex/RX1 High Volume Oil Pump

This is a High Volume Oil pump for Apex and RX 1 engines. When we say "High
Volume" we mean higher capacity oil delivery with a 15lb increase in
pressure also. This is not just a Pump with a higher pressure relief spring,
it has a 25% larger Gear and rotor on the pressure side of the pump. The
scavenge side of the pump remains unchanged. This pump will increase bearing
life in high output engines, a must for 500+ horsepower engines. These pumps
are made to order when parts are available, 2 week lead time required. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Exchange - $495.00 US

Core Charge - $100.00 US



Apex/RX1 Fuel Injection Intercooler

This is our custom intercooler with blow-off valve used on stock Apex and our fuel injection systems. This is a high efficiency 3 inch core for maximum charge temp cooling. Truly a work of Art. Other configurations may be  available. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Intercooler with Blow-off Valve - $1195.00 US

SUPERCOOLER HD with Blow-off Valve $1995.00 USD (3.5 in Core)




The Green injector is a higher flow direct replacement fuel injector for Apex or Nytro. This injector will fit in stock location with no modifications on Apex. Nytro application may require the ability to remove fuel at low speeds and cruise. Blue Injector to the right is a new addition, used in our our Stage V fuel injection system. This injector will require lifting of fuel rail and idle air controller if used in Apex stock location.

We also have available a wide variety of Denso injectors in various sizes from 300cc to 1400cc.

For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Price per Injector - $149.95 US



Mid-Mount Race Header (Apex and RX-1)

This is our custom race header made from High grade 321 stainless steel. We cut no corners on this header, designed for all out competition. Tubes are sized diameter and equal length for maximum power and throttle response. Turbo is moved to behind steering column support. Requires fuel tank mods or relocate. These are built to order and a 4 week lead time is required as merge collector is purchased from outside vender. Truly a work of Art. Other configurations may be  available. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Complete Header - $1995.00 (Deposit Required with order)



Turbo Blankets

These PTP turbo blankets are great. They hold the heat like nothing we have seen. The standard blanket is black and there new High Temp Lava blankets are gold. They are available in various sizes. We have the GT28 internal waist gate, available in Lava only, and the T3 flange blankets in stock.

Lava High Temp Blankets  - $179.95

Standard Blanket - $129.95


Garrett Turbochargers (Apex and RX-1)

We have available a large variety of turbos for all applications including trail, lake race, or all out competition. Prices vary depending on the turbo and application. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

GT28RS best all around Apex turbo $1395.00

Other Turbos - Call for quote




Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods (Apex and RX-1)

Heavy Duty connecting rods highly recomended for horsepower levels above 300. These rods are the highest quality available. Kit consists of four rods with lube. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Set of 4 - $1095.00 USD




Cam Degree Fixture (Apex and RX-1)

This fixture will save time and increase accuracy for anyone needing to move or set cam timing on Yamaha 4 cylinder engines. Comes with indicators. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Indicator Set - $349.95 US



TDC Indicator (Apex and RX-1)

This indicator and holder will make finding TDC much easier than trying to hold an indicator by itself. This tool is also used with our Cam degree fixture. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Indicator and body - $149.95 US




Cam Timing Bushings (Yamaha Apex and RX-1)

Yamaha did us a nice favor when designing the cam sprockets, the number of large holes compared to the number of teeth on the sprocket provides us with an ability to change timing by approximately 2.5 degrees per large hole. By installing our offset bushings in two of the large holes and using the tooth adjacent to the large hole you can advance timing to the right/clockwise, retard timing to the left/counter clockwise. Start with the original cam bolt hole and adjacent dot at 12 o'clock. For the intake cam you will be retarding or moving to the large holes to the left or counter clockwise, and for the exhaust you will be advancing or moving to the right or clockwise. I you look closely below, the offset bushings are set in the 3 degree hole positions. This is not recommended to anyone who does not have a understanding of the relationship between the cams and crankshaft. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, or email

Set of Bushings(4) - $129.95 US


Cooling System Update (RX-1)

Must have for turbo applications!

After many hours of dyno testing we were able to develop an update to the RX-1 cooling system for enhanced heat dissipation, especially for turbo applications, although all engines will benefit from it. Kit includes head gasket and water manifold, Several gasket thicknesses available. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, email

Kit Price - $139.95 US .027-.051 Thick Gashets (.060 Thick Gasket $159.95)




JE Turbo Pistons (RX-1 and Apex)

We stock a custom piston with a compression ratio of 10:1 made to our specifications, available with Hard Skirt Coating and Gas Ports to firther enhance performance and durability of these high performance pistons. Gas ports also help seal slightly out of round cylinders also. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, email

Piston Set - $899.00 US

Opt: Gas Ports - $100.00 US

Opt: Skirt Coat - $150.00 US


Head Gasket (Apex)

No need to stack stock head gaskets, these custom gaskets will lower compression with stock pistons. In stock .051 thick will give you 10.4:1, .060 thick will give you 10:1. Also available in of .027 .030 .040 and .045 for resurfaced heads and blocks. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, email

Price - $129.95 US, over 0.051 thick gasket $149.95 US


Head Gasket (RX-1)

No need to stack stock head gaskets, these custom gaskets will lower compression with stock pistons. With updated cooling template, .040 thick will give you 11.2:1, .045 thick will give you 11:1, .051 thick will give you 10.7:1, .060 will give you 10.4:1. Thicker gaskets are also avialible on special order basis. For more information please call (708) 301-7595, or email

Price - $99.95 US, .060 thick gasket $119.95 US



10MM Head Studs (Apex and RX-1)

ARP stud kit includes studs, 12pt nuts, and thick washers. No machine work needed to install. For more information please call (708) 638-7595, email

Kit Price - $229.95 US



10MM Long Head Studs (Apex and RX-1)

ARP stud kits includes studs, 12pt nuts, and thick washers. They will provide the additional clamp force needed for boosted motors. All studs are longer in the threaded area for a stronger hold in the aluminum block. Requires machine work to install. For more information or installation please call (708) 638-7595, email

Kit Price - $259.95 US

Kit Price w/3 extra long - $319.95 US



12MM Head Studs (Apex and RX-1)

ARP stud kits includes studs, 12pt nuts, and thick washers. Stock stud in picture is for comparison only. Requires machine work to install. For more information or installation please call (708) 638-7595, email

Kit Price - $249.95 US


10MM Head Studs (Nytro)

ARP stud kits includes studs, 12pt nuts, and thick washers. No machine work needed to install. For more information or installation please call (708) 638-7595, email

Kit Price - $189.95 US



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