Yamaha RX1 / APEX   4 Stroke :
       Complete rebuilds
       Crankshaft Polishing and Balancing
       Camshaft degreeing
       Valve Work
       Surfacing Heads and Blocks
       Diamond Cylinder Honing   ( nikasil )
       Plateau Cylinder Honing   ( cast iron )
       Cylinder Sleeve Installation with Custom Large Flanges
       Large Head Stud Installation 12mm and long 10mm
       Custom Header Fabrication
       Turbo Rebuild / Install
       Diagnostic Services
       Dyno Testing and Tuning

   Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Polaris  2 Stroke : 
      Complete Rebuilding
      Cylinder Boring & Honing
      Head Work / Resurfacing
      Crankshaft Rebuilding  

    GM, Ford, Chrysler Restoration:
         Complete Rebuild
         Crankshaft Welding, Grinding, Polishing, Balancing
         Cylinder Boring and Plateau Honing
         Block and Head Resurfacing
         Valve Work including Hard Seat and Guide Installation
         Cylinder Sleeving
         Aline boring and Honing Mains Bores
         Rod Rebuilding
         Distributor Rebuilding with Custom Timing Curves
         Carburetor Restoration  
         Dyno Testing and Tuning
    GM, Ford, Chrysler Performance:
       Custom Engine Builds
         Crankshaft Grinding, Welding, Nitrating
         Engine Assembly Balancing
         Cylinder Boring and Plateau Honing
         Block / Head O’Ringing
         Block Decking
         Competiton Valve Jobs
         Custom Oiling and Ignition Systems
         Dyno Testing and Tuning

New build or rebuild, all work is done in house to our exacting standards. Complete engines can be run in and tuned on our Superflow Dyno .

GNS Enterprises Specializes in 60’s and 70’s Muscle Car engines,  along with Yamaha 4-Stroke snowmobile engines.

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